Informazioni su Partelli | Italia


Partelli is a dynamic company with a motivated team of highly qualified employees. We cooperate directly with manufacturers of parts for industrial equipment, allowing customers (you) to purchase quality goods at the lowest price. Employees of our company are individually suited to work with each client, ensuring an easy search for the necessary equipment and prompt execution of the order.

The range of products supplied by us is gradually expanding from the supply of chains for machine tools to spare parts. Product catalog has more than 3,000,000 titles.

The offices of Partelli distribution company are located around the world to be closer to you - our customers and to be able to provide you with quality services.

Reliability, quick response to customer requests and fast delivery of spare parts at reasonable prices quickly won the trust of not only customers in Italy and Europe, but also many other major international companies.

Before shipment, we carry out a thorough inspection of the goods to make sure that the requirements of quality and the specifications of our customers are met.

Whatever your requirements,Partelli will provide you with the best quality service. We are here to solve your purchasing problems.

Partelli guarantees the quality of the services provided.

Please contact us by phone+390307640137 or write to the mailing address Contact us and we will help you find a quality product at an affordable price.